Black Sabbath Releases New Album at Number 1 on US Charts

Back from the dead, well, not literally but figuritely for sure. Black Sabbath has released a new album titled “13”, and its their nineteenth studio album. 43 years after the release of their first album on the Billboard charts, they finally have their first No 1 in the US this past week. Like others in similar situations, ie. Rush finally getting into the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame, it appears the Godfathers of metal are finally getting the mainstream appreciation they deserve. They were so excited they even tweeted an instagram pic about it.


The original Black Sabbath line-up is on the record, with the exception of drummer Bill Ward. Ozzy Osborne, Geezer, Butler, and Toni Iommi we rumored to be making more money than Ward, so he quit. Ozzy has since said that he hopes to reunite with Ward on the next Sabbath album, if they can settle their differences. Replacing Ward is Rage Against the Machine drummer Brad Wilk.

To celebrate the band’s comeback, every issue of Classic Rock magazine comes with a free collector’s edition fold-out ‘Sabbath cross’ cover. If you haven’t had a chance to check out this magazine, you really should. It is the most comprehensive thing out there involving this type of music.

Black Sabbath in Classic Rock Magazine

Black Sabbath in Classic Rock Magazine

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The album has, surprisingly, been received well by critics. According to reports, it has also moved 155,000 copies. That’s something to be proud of in todays music industry.

It’s also interesting to note that Ozzy is trying to distance their music from the term ‘Heavy Metal’. He has recently told many reporters that it has no musical connotation attached to it. He states that a more proper term, in his view, would be to refer to Black Sabbath as Classic Rock.


Thankfully they plan to support the album with a 20 city North American tour that begins in Houston on July 25th.