Google Announces YouTube Music Key, Unlimited Album and Music Video Streaming

Google Announces YouTube Music Key, Unlimited Album and Music Video Streaming for $10 a Month

It’s been a long time coming, but now you can buy a $9.99 subscription ($7.99 for a limited time) provides subscribers uninterrupted music video streaming. Interestingly, that access extends to Play Music’s full library of albums, playlists, and songs; in the coming days, the two services will become more closely integrated with music videos appearing alongside singles.

music key

music key

As part of the roll out of Music Key, YouTube’s music catalog is getting a makeover for all users, whether they are paying or not. The site will now offer complete albums, adding static video files with high-quality audio where no official videos are available. For paying subscribers, YouTube will add two features that will be especially attractive to users on mobile devices: the ability to play songs in the background while using other apps and to save songs for offline listening.

YouTube thinks that they can benefit from increasing the overall amount of listening on its platform. They have paid out more than $1 billion to artists and labels based on ad revenues to date. It does make sense that the more ads it serves, the more it profits. A new ad-supported tool that helps people listen to more music on YouTube is a no brainer. The question is, how many people will pay to do their listening on YouTube?

Many of us already use YouTube for music, since you can find just about anything you want to hear there and add it to a playlist, favorites, or send it over to another service. It seems to be the go to site for anyone under the age of 30, for many different reasons.I always thought the music business wasn’t big enough to interest Google, but apparently it isn’t. This should be no different than any other business Google is successful at. Spotify, Beats, and Pandora have to be shaking in their boots!

Will you be subscribing to YouTube Music Key?