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Pearl Jam Rocks New Album With Single Inspired by Pink Floyd


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Pearl Jams first single off their newest album, “Mind Your Manners,” was a nod to the band’s punk influences and reminded many of their older material. 

Once again the Seattle rockers have teamed with longtime collaborator Brendan O’Brien, who’s worked on many of Pearl Jam’s past albums, including ‘Vs.’ and ‘Vitalogy.’  Lightning Bolt sees Pearl Jam positioned to conquer new ground. In their most recent years they have retreated to the safety of the arena rock formula. They still delivered popular songs, but weren’t trying to push creative boundaries in the face of what fans wanted. They are still writing good, well produced material, but aren’t on the edge breaking new ground musically.



The new single was recorded with Pink Floyd in mind. Guitarist Mike McCready was inspired by a live version of The Wall, and the single was born out of that passion.

Pearl Jam’s latest single Sirens the second single from their tenth studio album Lightning Bolt and McCready told Billboard Magazine the track was penned with the aim of having a Pink Floyd feel. He says: “Before it was called Sirens, it was written two years ago. I was at Roger Waters concert and was completely blown away by The Wall. I wanted to write something that would have a Pink Floyd type feel. We recorded a demo of it [but Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder] didn’t put the lyrics on it until the second time we went back in. I heard them the night that he put them on there and they just brought me to tears. This is Ed at his best in my mind.”

Pearl Jam was also be the focus of Pearl Jam Week on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon next week Stateside.

Lightning Bolt Track List:

1. “Getaway”

2. “Mind Your Manners”

3. “My Father’s Son”

4. “Sirens”

5. “Lightning Bolt”

6. “Infallible”

7. “Pendulum”

8. “Swallowed Whole”

9. “Let The Records Play”

10. “Sleeping By Myself”

11. “Yellow Moon”

12. “Future Days”