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Peter Frampton Enforces ‘No Photo’ Policy by Throwing Phone

Peter Frampton Enforces ‘No Photo’ Policy by Throwing Phone

Peter Frampton Throws Fans Phone

Peter Frampton Throws Fans Phone (photo via Billboard.com)

Frampton recently warned fans in Carmel, Indiana to not take video or use their flash. They did, despite his obvious gestures to get them to stop, forcing the rocker to take matters into his own hands! After struggling with a disobedient fan who refused to put his phone away, Peter Frampton got the last laugh by tossing said phone 150 feet behind the stage!

When Peter Frampton says PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY, he means it. What do you think, awesome ‪#‎Rockstar‬ move, or a real jerk thing to do? Phones are expensive these days!

What was the last concert you attended? Was all you saw cell phones, go pros, and digital cameras in the crowd? People want to have some kind of physical memory to go through in the future to recall the good time they had. If you’re an entertainer, pictures and videos will happen, how is the best way to handle it?

Most venues have a “No video taping or recording. No flash photography.”. He asked the people to abide by those rules posted on their tickets. These folks did not. He asked them again, they continued to record and then became abusive to both the artist and the crowd. They not only should have had their phone confiscated/tossed, they should have been removed from the concert. They continuation to provoke the singer impacted everybody else that was trying to enjoy the show. Whether you like him or not, that’s not the point. The point is that rules are there for a reason. 

Artists that don’t embrace social media do NOT understand how they can benefit. That’s thousands of mini PR people promoting YOUR show… Why on EARTH turn your back on that? It’s absurdly stupid to reject. That said, they were warned, it’s his show. It’s also his decision on how to handle it, even if its wrong.

 Imagine if he took the fan’s phone on stage, recorded the rest of the band as they were playing a song, and then gave it back to the fan. Something he’ll cherish forever. No one would be talking about it, but the video would have probably gone viral. I get the respect factor, and artist choice, but do artists need to embrace social media more? What say you?