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Pink Floyd’s New Album “The Endless River” Out in October

Pink Floyd’s new album “The Endless River” may be out in October. Let the rumor mill begin. It started today when Polly Samson, David Gilmour’s wife and collaborating partner, tweeted the following:

“Btw Pink Floyd album out in October is called “The Endless River”. Based on 1994 sessions is Rick Wright’s swansong and very beautiful.”

Further proof was added to this when Durga McBroom-Hudson, longtime backup singer during the late 80’s and early 90’s, posted a photo on her Facebook page from a recording session standing with David Gilmour himself. Then adding: “YES. THERE IS A NEW PINK FLOYD ALBUM COMING OUT. AND I’M ON IT. And there was much rejoicing.”

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd

Although Gilmour and drummer Nick Mason are the only two surviving members still in the band, it is rumored that there are recordings from the late Richard Wright that will be used. Bassist Roger Waters left the band back in 1984. Gilmour has tried to distance himself from the band in recent years, and hasn’t done any public work since his solo album “On an Island” in 2006. He has cited many times that the band had gotten “too big” and had taken on a life of it’s own that demanded too much from him.

New material is something that die hard Floyd fans have been looking for for years now. Whether the rumor is true on not, you can bet music and merchendise sales will rise for the band. The next obvious question is, will there be a tour? Are there any guest artists? Will Roger Waters contribute? Only to list a few. Regardless of what happens, at least we have a new reason to talk about one of the most iconic bands of all time!