Rock Music and Modern Technology

by Lisa Mason

Music is constantly changing and modern technology has a lot to do with it. Digital rock or electro rock is the newest type of music available today and it’s making a big impression in the music industry. While this type of music is fairly new, it has a long history leading up to this point.

Ask 20 people to define the term electro rock music and you’re sure to get varies answers. The reason for this is because it’s hard to pinpoint an exact definition since there are so many different types of music that has electronic elements mixed in with traditional music. However, technically speaking, music that depends completely on computer technology is considered digital or electro music and it’s steadily growing in popularity.

What is Digital Rock Music

Digital rock music is an amazing discovery that opens up many new doors for any would be rock star, wanting to be a part of the music industry. This type of music is created by combining traditional rock music with electronic music. It actually started back in the 50s but modern technology has allowed musicians to take rock music to a whole new level.

Sampling, sequencers, digital synthesizers and drum machines have all had a hand in helping to create electronic rock or digital music but the invention of the musical instrument digital interface or MIDI was the big breakthrough.

Understanding MIDI

Before MIDI, you had to record music in a sound booth with a lot of very expensive equipment but now, just about anyone with a little musical knowledge and lots of determination can record their own music. All you need is the digital recording software and a mike and you’re ready to play, mix and record your own music.

The MIDI was originally designed to link the synthesizers and keyboards together but when combined with computer technology, it became much more. Using the computer as the central transceiver, you can link all types of instruments together. Combine this with sequencing software, synthesizers, samplers and drum machines and you have electro rock.

Choosing Digital Recording Software

Choosing your digital recording software for home recordings can be a little overwhelming since there are so many different options to pick from. For example, you have Pro Tools that offer different packages so you can choose the one that meets your specific needs. Another example is Cakewalk, which was created exclusively for PC computers. The type of computer you plan to use, they type of recording you want to make and your previous experience all play a part in which type of software will benefit you the most.

Rock music has steadily evolved over the years along with technology but this has to be the most exciting breakthrough to hit the music industry. Just imagine creating and recording your own music using a computer and digital recording software! You don’t need a group of people, expensive equipment and a soundproof building to practice anymore. Although, you may want to include one or two friends when making your own music, so you’ll have someone to share the fun with as you make history.